Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What I wore For A Wedding In Italy!

Dear Mini's,
I have been in Italy for two weeks also because we had the 18TH June the wedding of friends, Marialba and Francesco. It was a very hot day that's why we decide to take it easy and sleep in a hotel just next the wedding location , so that my husband could have fun without drive the car after the wedding. The wedding location was Villa Menelao a really nice wedding's location near Turi.
Let's speak about my outfit, it was hard to find a dress that was not too simple or too sexy for a pregnant woman.
I have order it on Asos because all the other dresses where too much expensive, I didn't want to spend more then 100 euro for a dress that I will wear only one time, or too much pregnant desperate woman looking.
However, blue is always an excellent alternative to black.
Pastel colors, greens, turquoises, lilacs, pinks, blues and beiges, floral patterns and plays of shaded shades, the prints are perfect for dressing up for a wedding.

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