Tuesday, July 2, 2019

what you absolutely have to buy for this summer 2019 !

Dear Mini's,
Every year we are bombarded well in advance with the forecasts of what will be the trends of the season to come: delicious Pantone colors, bizarre novelties (one for all, the return of cycling shorts ... but really ?!) - things that remain, others that leave forever.
But beyond these fun anticipations that give us a foretaste of the fashion to come, there are always even more credible and, above all, wearable trends: they are the ones to start to refresh your wardrobe from the winter months, for a small advance of spring!
It's obvious for me to start from this trend, since for once the neutral colors don't like just me, but they are even very fashionable! Next season, in fact, the neutral shades of color, combined together and in total look, will be the most popular.
So why not stock up on items that, even once fashion has passed, will prove to be precious must-haves for our wardrobe? With neutrals you are never wrong ...
I find them very cute and fun - and the colors are really many, from the highly popular Living Coral proposed by Pantone to beautiful shades of yellow, green, fuchsia and purple. Finding one that gives us will not be difficult and even match it. Where to find greedy colored sweaters? on maxina you will find an incredible choice at great prices!
I agree, they are a spring / summer catchphrase almost every year, but this year they are more. Personally I love the colors of the earth and I find them easy to match with all the neutrals, but also with some stronger colors. And they also look good with the animal designer, creating interesting combinations that even allow us to take advantage of what we already have. You can find the perfect one between all the cute skater dresses on maxinina.com.

-WOMEN'S BIKINI: The spring / summer 2019 swimwear collections suffer all the charm of the past. On the shore the fifties are back in fashion, with models that Marilyn Monroe would have liked: from the bikini with high-waisted culottes (like the one seen on the Michael Kors spring summer 2019) to the swimsuit with maxi ruffles. Among the prints, polka dots and gingham squares triumph. Wear with oval sunglasses and a towel wrapped around your head, like the divas of the past used to do.

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