Thursday, August 1, 2019

Birth gifts for the second child: here's what to choose!


With the arrival of the second child, I decided to recycle a lot of used things with the first child: here are some tips on giving birth gifts for the second child!
When I decided to open the birth list on amazon it was not
a simple thing. Probably because I already have all the necessary items, like the cradle, the high chair or the stroller, and it also has a lot of other things that I never really needed. So understanding which gift can really be appreciated by many becomes a business. Here is a guide to birth gifts for the second child. My first suggestion is naturally to ask new parents or close relatives what could be useful.
If the parents have opened a birth list in a specialized shop to avoid mistakes, you could buy something from the list or give a fee to help purchase a more demanding item.
All the objects that are generally given away at the birth of a first child are superfluous with the second:

  • Pram, cot, changing mat, scale and high chair probably won't be new;
  • also the little dresses, which are generally a good choice when the first child is born, could be useless especially if the second child is of the same sex as the first and will be born at the same time of the year.
  • at birth, rattles, small toys for the newborn, diaper cakes, bathrobes and washcloths are also given away.

Gifts useful for the second child:
Here is a list of gifts with which you are never wrong:

  • spare pack of diapers;
  • set with baby bath products and accessories for the baby's personal hygiene, from toothbrushes to scissors to a natural sponge;
  • an album of memories, in which to write the most important stages of growth of the child and insert the photographs of his first year of life;
  • socks, bibs, caps and in some cases even clothes: if probably the new mother will have kept the clothes of the first-born in the boxes, certainly the most intimate clothes can be renewed. 
And if the second child has a different sex from the first, new clothes and dresses are also welcome:
waiting for my second child

waiting for my second child

  • a white noise reproducer is also a great gift for families who are expecting a new baby because the soothing sounds they emit will cover the noise of the older brothers and help the newborn to take a nap;
  • the platform for the stroller, which is a very useful gift for the whole family. It attaches itself to the stroller and allows the mother to transport the seated infant and the firstborn standing on the pedanine in an agile and comfortable way;
  • a car seat to allow the second child to travel safely.

Gifts for the mother:
How can we pamper the mother after the birth of the second child?

  • A set with tricks, such as mascara, eye shadows, facial moisturizers and body scrubs;
  • A pendant with children's initials;
  • A gift card to allow yourself an hour of break from the hairdresser or from the beautician, with attached written availability to take care of the children in his absence;
  • a change bag that is above all a bag: if with the first-born very probably the new mother will have set up one of the classic changing bags full of anything, with the second lily in general you have more experience and you limit yourself to carry with you the bare essentials when you go out with the baby. A diaper, travel wipes, a portable changing mat, a washbasin, a bib, a baby's bottle with water are all things that can easily sit even in a smaller bag that is at the same time more feminine and fashionable;
  • a bodice that helps to pull the milk keeping the hands free and being able to stand next to the firstborn.

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