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The criteria for choosing a dress should not be based exclusively on the fashion of the moment or only on personal taste but also, and above all, on the effect that the dress will give to the figure of the wearer.
If chosen carefully, taking into account your physical conformation, the lengths of clothes or trousers can become allies for the entire figure, but, if chosen at random, can prove to be enemies.

Let's start by considering the minimum length that, from the waist down, corresponds to about 25 centimeters. It is a length that we find in minidresses or miniskirts. It is ideal only for those with really slim legs. If the dress or skirt has a straight line, they are ideal for those with proportionate and regular hips. If the dress or skirt is pleated, or flared, it helps to minimize round hips and pads. Remember that thinness and flat stomach are absolutely necessary features to be able to wear a low mini on the hips. Combine this length with high and thin heel shoes, mules or sandals with medium-high heels or thin heels but also ultra-flat slippers or high boots, close to the leg.
Let us now consider the length which, again from the waist down, is around 45 centimeters. It is the ideal size for flared or slightly fluttering dresses and skirts. It is a length that stops above the knee, and is among those that best adapt to different physical types. Gives momentum to the legs and minimizes large circumferences of hips and thighs. Combine this length with high-heeled sandals or wedge-heeled shoes and ankle strap. For ceremony I would consider fashion lace flare skater dresses !

We therefore consider the length that stops at the knee. If it features dresses and skirts with a slightly flared line, it helps to hide extra inches on the hips and thigh circumference. In this case, you can choose it even if you have medium or above average height. Wear shoes with stiletto heels that are not too high. You are short in stature, wear it only with medium-high heeled shoes.
With a length just over the knee, or in the mid-calf, dresses or skirts with a straight or almost snug fit risk penalizing the entire leg. It is in fact among the most difficult to wear, but the problem is overcome if it is combined with shoes, sandals or mules with small stiletto heels. Opt for this solution only if you have proportioned, thin and tapered legs.
Easier to wear is the length that stops at the ankles or just down and that corresponds to about 90 centimeters. Dresses and skirts characterized by this measure are easy to wear and generally adapt to all physical types. This length, however, usually tends to lower, so it is not advisable for those who are tall and abundant in circumferences. It is mandatory, with this length, to wear ultra-flat or low-heeled shoes. I really love embroidery long sleeve sweater dress  !

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Ankle-length cigarette trousers are ideal especially if you have thin ankles and tapered feet. Worn with décolleté with a slightly tapered toe and medium heel, they will make the leg lean.
The wide and long jeans over the ankle line are perfect for camouflaging both large and thin ankles. They will acquire a stronger and more decisive tone when worn on tapered-shaped décolleté shoes with a stiletto heel.
The masculine-cut trousers, not too wide, are suitable for those who have regular or stocky feet, with a normal or thick ankle. The thin ankle, in this case, would be further highlighted. They should be worn on lace-up ankle boots of smooth leather, with a rubber or leather sole and a large and comfortable heel.
Opt for long trousers in the calf or just below, Capri model, if you have normal or thin legs and ankles. With these models the most suitable shoes must be essential and never too big. Ultra-flat slippers, sabots or sandals with mini stiletto heels are ideal.
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