Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Be A Bridesmaid in Autumn!

dear Mini's,
You will be the bridesmaid of a bride from October but don't know which dress to wear? Don't worry, let's see together how to choose the perfect dress.

The rules for the perfect bridesmaid dress are simple and essential.

First of all, avoid the white: only the bride can wear this color, she is the protagonist of the party and we certainly wouldn't want to put ourselves in competition with her ?!

Good taste reigns supreme: no dizzying neckline and too-short skirts, you would be out of place.

As you will be at the side of the bride, ask her first to express any preferences in choosing the dress, try to respect her point of view but, as rightly so, choose also according to your personal taste.

Try and try again until you are absolutely certain of your look. If you still haven't found one check affordable bridesmaid dresses

If the ceremony will be held during the day you could opt for a short dress, with pastel shades, romantic and light: with the right jewel you will embellish the entire outfit.

If the wedding will take place in the evening and you are the "I would like to finally wear a long dress", this is the right occasion. The long, soft elegant dresses are the dream of all women, who with just the right hairstyle and makeup turn into princesses for a night.

Fortunately, October is a month with rather mild temperatures so you can choose dresses with straps, perhaps jewelery, or strapless sweetheart necklines, strictly accompanied by sumptuous silk stoles.
 Remember you have a lot of choice in bmbridal !

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