Wednesday, October 2, 2019


The desire of every bridesmaid, big or small, is to feel like a princess, just like the bride. This role, usually held by friends or relatives, in fact requires each of them to be at the center of attention, especially when entering the ceremony location.
The popular belief that bridesmaids should not stand out more than the bride is true, but it is also true that their outfit must complete her with elegance and class. The dictates of fashion and the trends of the moment, with a touch of unmistakable personality, will be the basis of the choice of the dress to wear on the wedding day. It is always recommended to ask the bride what kind of color she has in mind for the clothes or if there is a theme with a predominant shade to be respected. In fact, she usually decides the complete outfit for her bridesmaid dresses.
The search must begin about 7 months before the wedding so that you have time to choose it calmly and make all the necessary changes. It is also important to consider several factors, including the season, the time, the age and the type of marriage: useless, for example, to choose flashy dresses for traditional weddings or sexy dresses for bridesmaids no longer young. Tradition has it that everyone has the same dress or at least clothes of the same color, but this does not always happen, because each has a physical appearance and a personality different from the others. In this case there are various choices: different dresses but the same color for all, the same dress cut in different colors or the same model and color for all the bridesmaids but in different shades.
During this season we will see an infinity of pastel colors accompany the bride and groom during the most important day of their lives, and therefore also for the bridesmaids' dresses, the green light for the imagination. The romantic shade of powder pink is confirmed, alone or combined with other pastel colors, such as aquamarine and turquoise. For the bridesmaids who want to dare more among the new musts there are the strawberry ice, a very bright coral pink, mint green and sage green, a very fresh and original but extremely sober nuance! For the more traditional, however, blue remains a timeless elegant color.
As for the length, it depends on the time of the ceremony: for the morning a short dress is more suitable, while for the evening a long dress is recommended but without a train. By choosing a short skirt you will have the opportunity to make a mix of colors and styles that will allow you to create a decidedly more casual but for this not less elegant look, and certainly suitable for country weddings, seaside ceremonies or the most glamorous and informal ones.

Shoes that are not too high, suitable for the dress chosen, necklaces and bracelets and ostentatious stoles, indispensable for covering the shoulders in the event of a ceremony in the Church, will complete the outfit. Let's start, therefore, in search of these splendid dresses, long or short: remember to be on the subject with marriage and always sober and elegant in bm dresses !

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