Thursday, November 28, 2019

Marriage: the look for bridesmaids and winter guests!

Marriage? It usually happens in spring or summer. But there are also those who, with a romantic spirit, prefer to organize it in winter, preferably during the magical period of the holidays. But how do you dress at a wedding in winter? The situation is more romantic than you might think: the snow, the warm lights, the white dress of the bride that blends with the snowy landscape and the charm of a magical period to illuminate a special day. All beautiful, but how do the bridesmaids dress?
In reality, marriage in the winter allows even more than in the summer. You can reproduce the pastel colors, which immediately become fairy-tale in a fairy-tale setting. If the dress seems too light, you can always stay warm with a bolero or a fur shawl, to complete the look. Cream, antique rose, light blue, violet are not excluded. If the bride wants, winter bridesmaid dresses cheap can also opt for burgundy or burgundy colors, combined with the caramel color of a warm mink jacket.

Even for those invited to dress for a wedding in the snow can be simpler than expected: if you love to be warm, you can choose a combined cashmere sweater and tulle skirt, all in light tones and embellished with bright details such as the clutch bag, a necklace or belt. Even for the guests, antique pink is ok, to be mixed with a touch of black accessories. The emerald green and midnight blue combination will surprise you: finish the look with golden accessories and you'll be very elegant.

If you don't like skirts, you can opt for a precious pair of trousers, better if the wedding takes place in the evening, to combine with a contrasting bon ton jacket. Although not very common, red will amaze you: combine it with nude details for an incredibly chic result.

For those who love dark colors, the blue dress is perfect, to be worn also with black accessories and a fur coat! If you like lace, the color of the season is burgundy, to pair with pearl earrings and black accessories. Speaking of black: total black bridesmaids on the snow have been cleared!

And for him? Even the little men will be happy to attend a wedding under the snow, where they will be able to show off cashmere sweaters and why not, broken in full English style.

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