Saturday, November 30, 2019

Plus size prom dresses: what to wear if you are curvy!

The plus size formal dresses are those elegant dresses that you could wear at prom if you're curvy.
Some are more important and challenging, more suited to the weddings of friends and relatives, others are suitable for smaller but no less important ceremonies,  all are designed for comfortable sizes, the plus size we call curvy today.
But first of all, the plus size formal dresses must have an important feature: make us feel beautiful on a very special day.  You will find the perfect prom dress for your size.
This year's plus size formal dresses make us wander a lot, both in terms of patterns and combinations: from trousers, to jackets, to fancy or single-color dresses. Whether you are a 46 or a 52, do not worry: you will find the perfect dress depending not only on your body but also on your taste in style.
Formal dresses plus size trousers
Trousers are a must for formal dresses for extra sizes. Comfortable, reassuring, but also very sexy and able to highlight the curves in the right way. Opt for high-waisted trousers, possibly in the palace in fabrics such as triacetate, jacquard or, depending on the budget, in silk. If you don't like palazzo pants, to which you could still combine a very comfortable wedge, opt for a cigarette pants, maybe a Capri model, to combine with a floating shirt and jacket or a nice jacket, depending on the season.
Plus size prom dresses for girls
On your side you have the biggest luxury "accessory": age! Rely on that and opt for fresh, elegant but very natural and soft solutions. You can opt for a Roman-style dress, with a high-waisted and chiffon belt, perhaps on teal, blue but also on lilac or straw, depending on the season. Or you can opt for a short dress (but not too much), very minimal in pastel bon ton colors, with wide sleeves and fabrics that glide gently over your curves. If you are fond of pants, you cannot give up those in the palace: trendy and super chic! Match them with a shirt and a short jacket, or with a top that shines with its own light! Don't forget to dare with accessories, especially earrings!
Formal dresses for lady plus sizes
If you are a little more adult, the broken line could do for you: whether it is a large size formal dress with pants or a skirt, the important thing is to maintain class and elegance. You could opt for a knee-length skirt, in soft and floating fabrics, to combine with a matching jacket that reflects the same fabric. Otherwise, a nice pair of trousers that descends straight, not too long, to be combined with an elegant and refined shirt. And if you are friends with the mother of the bride, give them a phone call to avoid accidents!
Shoes to be combined with prom dresses for extra sizes
What we ask ourselves to do! The perfect shoes for any prom are the ones that allow us to slender the figure, feel pussies and, above all, be comfortable, given the endless hours we will have to wear them! If it is summer, the sandal will be your best friend: choose a comfortable wedge or a shoe with a little plateau, but be careful! Banned flatform sandals, with flat and high wedges, which not only hurt your back, but instead of making you lean, weigh down our body! Don't forget to combine your shoes with the ultimate wedding bag: the mini-bag! If the wedding is in winter, opt for a comfortable, stylish décolleté and, only if really necessary, for a pair of boots that keep the class of the look.

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