Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Winter weddings !

Winter weddings are increasingly popular, but a trend that is becoming increasingly popular is to plan the wedding during the Christmas holidays. The wedding at Christmas, or rather in the days around December 25th, is linked both to the pleasure of celebrating the event in a period dear to Christianity, but also to take advantage of a period in which relatives and distant friends are on vacation and can organize to be present.

But here arises the classic question of the case: how do you dress at a wedding at Christmas, especially if you have an "institutional" role like that of a maid or a witness? The answer is not obvious and obvious, especially in the first case, as the bride has traditionally vetoed the look of her bridesmaid, even on that of honor.
A very chosen option from the bomblets that wed during the Christmas period is to have the dusty rose bridesmaid dresses  normally crimson or burgundy, to recall the typical color of the party. To complete the outfit a small bouquet in white, combined with shoes, shades that recalls both the winter and the dress of the bride.

Given the harsher climate, the models of dresses for bridesmaids will be long, with sleeves on the wrist or 7/8, with provision to add an accessory such as a cape or a bolero should it be needed. Also in this case the coat should be the same for all or at most with small variations.

As for the witness, the choice of look is less complicated. If you want to pay homage to the choice of marriage at Christmas you can opt, also in this case, for the red, but also the forest green and dark blue are fine, other typical nuances of the period.

The choice can fall on a trouser suit with a wool jacket and silk lapels, or on a long dress in thick fabrics, such as velvet. However, avoid those that are too shiny, like taffeta, which risks attracting too much attention and is generally the material chosen by the bride for her white winter dress.

A good option is also the full suit in shaved wool or warm polyester, perhaps choosing a model with armholes fitted with a matching jacket. This way you can keep your back covered in the church, removing the extra garment when you are at the restaurant. Provided, of course, it is sufficiently heated and we do not risk suffering from the cold. Find a lot of ideas her in bmbridal website.

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