Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Red red red: easy mini-guide on how to wear it

Red is a warm, strong, seductive color, which denotes great self-confidence.
Contrary to what many of you think, it is not such a difficult color to match, on the contrary: going step by step you will be able to get dressed even entirely in red and you could end up worshiping this color!
How to wear red: go step by step
Wearing a red garment is a bit like wearing an animal print: if you're not used to it, you can't start with a total look, you have to go step by step. Start with an accessory during the day: a clutch bag, a scarf tied to the bag, a necklace, a pair of earrings.
How to wear red: who is fine
Depending on the shade chosen, red is good for everyone: for the more Mediterranean ones, my advice is to focus on a bright tone, like a beautiful red lacquer, which looks great even with a tan. For those with a lighter complexion, better to prefer on a more neutral tone, such as coral, which highlights the more Nordic skin types.
How to wear red: the accessory
Absolutely my favorite way to wear red. Regardless of whether it is a pair of shoes or a bag, make sure that the accessory is the center of attention, so, as I explained to you for yellow, don't put more than two together of the same color. If I have to give you personal advice, I would wear only one that attracts the eye.
How to wear red: with which colors match it
Red is a strong color, so the rest of the outfit must have more neutral shades: denim (you know it by now!) Is a non-color that always goes well, as well as white or black. You can also wear it with a nice bluette, but remember the golden rule: never more than three colors for outfits, so for example, if you put together red and bluette, which are strong colors, the third color must be neutral (white, black or denim).
How to wear red: fantasy
Personally, I really like the combination of red with a marinière-style striped shirt: I find it fresh and summery. A beautiful red head in floral pattern is another must of this season: in this case, accompany it with leather accessories, which are always good, or that reflect one of the shades of the dress.
I think that this dress id the perfect one in the section Red Prom Dresses of the website suzhoufashion.com . I love the lace details and the v neck part, the a- line silhouette.

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