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the etiquette of the bridesmaids

The location was booked in time, as well as the floral arrangements and decorations; the dress was delivered after several tests and some small sartorial modifications to make it fit perfectly; menus and catering have been confirmed and invitations already sent. The wedding list is also working well and you are already receiving contributions for your honeymoon.
In short, after months of preparation everything is ready for the Big Day, yet ... yet ... sure you haven't forgotten anything?
Gifts for bridesmaids & co.
“It is not only the witnesses who have to receive a present for the important role covered during the wedding, but it is right, it is bon ton and it is an extra delicacy that must be had towards those who accompany the bride during the wedding procession. A little thought for bridesmaides, flower girls and page boys is a gesture to consider ".
Noting how often the bride and groom think about it at the last minute, when instead a little thought for witnesses & co. it is certainly not to be left to chance, on the contrary: it will be even more appreciated if carefully thought out and personalized.
That of bridesmaids is a role that plays increasingly important during weddings of recent times. The bride's maidservants, as we could define them alternatively, are chosen to have an active part in the ceremony. That's why it's good to know how to behave.

Whether they are friends, colleagues, sisters, cousins ​​or perhaps the bride's sister-in-law (all strictly unmarried), the bridesmaids must however keep in mind some basic rules before accompanying their best friend to the altar.
According to etiquette, more than eight people should never be chosen, because a higher number is indicated only in royal marriages, in which there can be up to twelve bridesmaids.

The most important question concerns the formal dress. In the films we have always seen weddings with real bridesmaids teams, all dressed alike and flawlessly. First of all, it must be said that much depends on the type of ceremony and the budget. Visit Yesbabyonline if you are searching for some ideas.
Sometimes it happens that it is the bride who gives the dress to her bridesmaids, or perhaps to participate in the purchase, and in that case the choice of color and model should be entirely up to her.
If the bridesmaids pay for their dress instead, the bride should try to be more flexible. It's okay to indicate a color, but better not to force them to have to buy something they haven't chosen, especially if you don't have stratospheric budgets. You can find a lot of cheap bridesmaid dresses in Yesbabyonline site.

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