Wednesday, January 1, 2020

How to combine a burgundy dress for a ceremony?!

How to combine a burgundy dress for a ceremony?

Wedding on the doorstep and burgundy dress in the closet?
Here are some ideas to match it the right way. with what colors to combine a soft burgundy dress for a wedding.
Here are some tips on how to generally match this color in the event of a ceremony!
If you don't have a burgundy dress you can find it here
How to match a burgundy dress for a ceremony: with metal
Small premise: at weddings it is good not to wear any color that can somehow blur the bride. That's why you shouldn't wear red. The burgundy, being darker and more discreet on the other hand, is wearable. And now we come to us: with metal you are never wrong. On burgundy I personally see a golden or rose gold, but, if you have a cold undertone, you can very well put silver. Even the jewels must be chosen with the same criteria.
How to combine a burgundy dress for a ceremony: with black
Black goes well with everything, it's probably the easiest choice. We know, however, that a wedding should not be worn ... but for accessories we can make an exception! For example, a sandal with a black clutch will do very well, especially in the case of palazzo pants or long jumpsuit that will partially cover it.
How to combine a burgundy dress for a ceremony: with the nude
Nude is a neutral color that is always good. However, I recommend that you also match the color of the clutch, otherwise you risk wearing too many shades all together. A useful tip: if you want to optically stretch your legs, prefer nude to black.
How to combine a burgundy dress for a ceremony: tone on tone
Tone on tone, another apt choice with which you are never wrong! Try to wear lighter or darker accessories of a shade compared to that of the dress and you will have solved the problem. Alternatively, you can do as in the photo below: darker envelope bag and golden sandal that adds light to the whole.
And you, how you will wear your burgundy bridesmaid dress?

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