Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Must Have Of Make Up #2

I want to introduce you the second and third must have of make-up.
The second is a concentrate of elegance centered on the shades of mauve, red, pink and burgundy in a clever combination of a matte and metallic finish between the jaclyn hill morphe palette.
Refined and versatile, they are made up of a chic, sophisticated color range suitable for any occasion and for any shade of iris.
They offer infinite possibilities thanks to the diversification of the matte and metallic finishes and therefore allow you to easily create light day looks and strong looks for the evening.
they are glamorous palettes and absolutely in line with current trends!
Original and "unconventional", it offers a unique color range, dedicated to creatives, those who like to be noticed also and above all through make-up.
Once again the protagonists are the ultra-pigmented textures with an optimal ceromatic rendering and the opaque and metallic finishes able to further emphasize the beauty of the proposed colors. The most suitable gift idea to bring color to the winter grayness(if you are searching for a late gift)!

The third must have of make up is the anastasia eyeshadow palette conceived to offer the possibility of creating wonderful smokey eyes.
Characterized also by neutral tones, they are pleasantly divided between light and dark, with the same alternation of finish of the previous palettes, thus offering the possibility of creating intense, refined and sophisticated make-up.
From gold to beige, ranging from different brown and brown shades to carbon black: intense shades characterized by the high pigmentation that distinguishes the brand.
A real "must have" for those who do not give up an eye make-up that reveals character and austerity!
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