Thursday, January 2, 2020

The mermaid bridesmaid dress for your wedding

The mermaid bridesmaid dresses for your wedding
For every woman, the choice of bridesmaid dress is an important moment, some have always dreamed of it, others dream of it a few months before the big day and others have never thought about it. But sooner or later all, dear brides, you will have to face the topic! That's why today we thought of talking to you about the wedding dress ... especially the mermaid model.
In general, you should know that the mermaid model is rigid at the top, often there are slats to give the dress more shape, up to the knees where it opens, giving the dress a touch of sensuality. The adherence that characterizes it makes the garment particularly suitable for women with hourglass body and narrow waist ... even better if high because the opening at the knees creates a horizontal line that visually crushes the figure. The risk around the corner would be to seem lower.
Chic or evening ceremonies go with this type of dress because of the elegance that shines through its image. We offer the following link for this model:bmbridal
Shoe - You prefer a model with a heel to slim your figure. A word of advice: it must be comfortable because the mermaid dress does not leave your legs free for every movement and, in order not to seem clumsy in walking, it is better to start at an advantage without having any discomfort to the feet. Given the importance of the dress, the advice is a classic shoe, perhaps an open toe model, but if you are familiar with the shoes you can opt for a more open sandal that gives less stability to the foot but certainly has a chic effect.
Gloves - To give the dress more sensuality, you can choose to wear a pair of long white gloves.
Hairstyle - Given the lace in the back of the dress, the suggestion is to think of a crop that can show the beauty of the dress. To enrich everything, you can agree with the hairdresser on the use of a crown or small flowers similar or identical to those in your bouquet.
Shrugs - For a religious ceremony you can possibly think of a shrug that almost goes to cover the lace behind to leave the surprise effect to the celebrations and not to create the effect I see I do not see little elegant in church.
Jewelry - Since the dress is already rich in the upper part as a necklace we recommend only a light point that recalls the earrings. Bouquet - For the bouquet you could play with shapes and contrast the roundness of a classic composition with the verticality of the dress, or opt for a single flower bouquet that takes up your silhouette. And you? Have you chosen a mermaid dress for your bridesmaid and want some advice?


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