Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Are you a "plus size"? Then you are in fashion!

plump: in my aesthetic vocabulary they no longer transmit a negative value. Indeed, I can finally say with joy that, yes, I have a few extra pounds, and I am proud of it! I lead the revenge of the buttery women, of those who, like you, have a generous breast and a waist ... just as generous.
In fact, "plus size" women are increasingly spoken of. And that the myths of absolute thinness are dismantled.
In short, you, buttery woman, are in fashion! And fashion begins to think about you. With more comfortable and comfortable collections, sizes that extend beyond the italian size 46 and the XL, abundant shapes and volumes, but always very fashionable, because a neckline or a slit, a pickled bodice or a transparent shirt, a pair of tight jeans or a sexy sheath dress can become the perfect allies of the extra pounds.

Are you a classic woman? The shades of ivory to hazelnut are for you: treat yourself to a sexy touch with the turtleneck with a drop neckline closed by a brooch, to be worn with a satin cigarette skirt that reveals the knee and the double-breasted cloth coat.

Are you a gritty woman? Don't give up on fire red: tighten yourself in the double-breasted coat that caresses the knee.

Here my selection of cheap plus size summer dresses, do you like it?

Feeling exclusive, cool, glamorous, at ease in all situations, feeling ... Lover-Beauty makes dreams come true. The undisputed protagonist is the real woman, the Mediterranean one, the one with all the curves in the right place, the one who is not afraid of her body and her full and luxuriant femininity.
Lover-Beauty knows fashion, trends, style, but also the female body and that is precisely why she carefully selects her garments to emphasize and enhance the softness of the curves. Plus size clothing wholesale  in Lover-Beauty  with the variety of ready-to-wear. Ready to wear is the ability to understand trends and the immediacy of interpreting them, translating them into concrete garments to give women the opportunity to choose weekly between always new and trendy proposals.
The goal is not to hide the body but to enhance it. The sexy dress cheap collection thinks about all the moments of modern women's day, from the most casual or formal morning to the unpredictable and brilliant evenings.
Always in love with glamor and beauty, our stylists aim at a young and trendy collection for a curvilinear woman who finds her dimension without renouncing to be fashion and seductive.

Lover-Beauty , continuous search for the best, attention to fit, innovative proposals, current look, multifaceted taste, attention to detail, freshness, beauty, femininity ...

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