Saturday, June 6, 2020

How to dress for a ceremony without spending a fortune!

Unexpected ceremony?

Are you looking for a trendy dress for a wedding or a party?

Do you have little time to shoot and too many expenses to bear?

Why not dare with a low cost dress! Elegant and feminine without breaking the budget, today you can.

Here are 5 low-cost formal dresses and a few basic rules to be perfect and fashionable on any occasion. Going to a ceremony will no longer be a problem. Advice on models and colors to wear during a formal and informal ceremony.

Some basic rules to follow before buying a cheap prom dress

- White is the only color abolished for any type of ceremony. Whether it is a Communion, Confirmation, Baptism or Marriage, one would risk stealing the scene from the true protagonist of the ceremony.

- Red, always fashionable color, but too flashy for a wedding.

- Perfect all pastel colors and floral patterns.

- As for Black and Blue, they are the two colors that never go out of style. Colors that convey elegance and femininity, suitable for any reception hours.


- No necklines too large and dresses too short or with vertiginous slits.

- Long and dark dress only for weddings after 16.00.

- Shoulders and legs covered if you are invited to a formal religious ceremony.

- Socks and shoes closed also in summer for formal ceremony
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