Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Mini Guide To The Right Neckline

Summer has arrived, we can finally wear tops, T-shirts, tank tops and light dresses! With the arrival of summer, wearing a low-cut top is also a matter of survival at African temperatures, but what will be the right neckline for us? Fashion offers many types of necklines for tops and dresses, but not all of them give us, some enhance the figure while others can achieve the opposite effect. Obviously everyone has their own tastes and this is not discussed, but often following fashion slavishly without taking into account one's physicality is not the best choice.
The V-neckline has the characteristic of slimming the bust a lot: the deeper the neckline and the more the slender. The optical effect of the V-neckline is useful for resizing important shoulders, highlighting a thin waist and highlighting the breasts. The effect of the V-neckline is to highlight the breast, it is practically an arrow that indicates it and says "look here!". But be careful, this type of neckline should be inversely proportional to the size of the breast, the line between sexy and vulgar is very thin. Obviously this is one of the cases where tastes are tastes, but in general, those with small breasts can wear a deep V neckline more easily than those with abundant breasts.

If you have a top with a deep V-neckline that does not want to stay in place to the point of risking the topless and limiting yourself in the movements, use a piece of double-sided tape in the right places to block the fabric on the skin.
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Square neckline
The square cut of this type of neckline has the ability to make the upper chest and neck appear longer. Forming two perpendicular lines, it is a type of neckline that helps visually resize those with sloping shoulders and, attracting attention to the chest and neck, is an excellent choice for those with a pear-shaped physique and a slightly short neck . Be careful, however, if you have a rectangle shape or if you choose a dress with this neckline without a marked waistline, the effect will be of a ... walking sack. Better to use a belt.

Sweetheart neckline
The sweetheart neckline is found very often in evening or wedding dresses. It is one of the most popular but, however romantic it is, not everyone can afford it. To wear this type of neckline, in fact, the breast must have very specific characteristics: it must not be too small - a 1st or a 2nd - but not too prosperous and it must be full. A top with a sweetheart neckline is not suitable therefore for those who have a sagging breast or emptied of breastfeeding, would make this imperfection even more evident. It is a type of neckline that visually tends to give a few more sizes so if you are not very slender, if the neck is not long or if you have too abundant breasts, better choose another type of neckline especially for the dress wedding. The sweetheart neckline, the wide skirt and finally the veil would make the figure clumsy.

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