Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Pimkie New Collection 2020

When summer comes up I need a touch of flowers in my garderobe, so let's take a look to Pimkie new collection "la touche fleurie".
For an always fashionable garment, the floral textures are the perfect fabrics. Over the years they can vary in the size of the printed flower, but if you do not exceed in the choice, you will find an ally in the wardrobe. A floral dress represents the perfect item of clothing for any occasion, casual or elegant and refined, to be combined with the right accessories to obtain a perfect look.
Here is a guide with some ideas to find out how to best wear and match a floral dress, for all occasions and all styles.
Making the right combinations is not always easy and in particular if we have to combine a floral dress. The floral motif can be used in various clothing items, from printed jeans to skirts, from dresses to sweaters, from underwear to costumes, from bags to scarves. There is a very dense range of types of flowery that range from more intense to more delicate textures, choosing one type over another is just a matter of personal taste.
As with any item of clothing, common sense is the first rule to use when choosing a dress. This means that we must choose a model suitable for our body, able to eliminate its imperfections and enhance its figure.
A woman with Mediterranean shapes should therefore choose an empire-style model, able to streamline the figure and descend sinuously on the hips. Avoid draperies that do nothing but increase the volume in critical areas, as well as super adherent fabrics that would create the sausage effect. The more slender can instead dare by wearing models that adhere to the body and slim models.
Another thing to know about floral fabrics is that a fabric with large flowers has the effect of weighing down the silhouette, while the small flower print has the completely opposite effect, that is to streamline the figure. As far as the type of fabric is concerned, silks, lycra and viscose should be avoided as they give greater volume to the silhouette, while lace and chiffon dresses are preferred, which while ensuring an elegant and feminine outfit do not determine optical suggestions that enlarge the figure.
In terms of combinations, the shoes can be neutral in color or match the colors of the dress. It is forbidden to combine shoes with floral motifs that are not of the same print. If you can find a pair of the same fabric, you will get a touch of sophistication. A chiffon dress with predominantly red flowers will go well with red fabric shoes, with a high heel that slims the figure. While a dress with a black background, will perfectly recall the matching shoes and on this choice, finally, operate that of the bag and any straps or other tinsel.
1. For an easier and more casual event
A colorful and feminine floral dress can be surprising. Thanks to a simple flower dress, in fact, it is possible to create a simple and comfortable day outfit, but with a perfect style. Just combine the floral dress with a pair of flat shoes, such as ballet flats or tennis shoes. And to complete the casual style, you can choose a backpack to wear on the shoulders, in denim or eco-leather.
2. Grunge look
Inspired by rock and the 90s, rebellious and gritty but not losing that touch of femininity, just combine the floral dress with a pair of lace-up ankle boots (even better if with small studs), with dark and opaque tights. A denim jacket or a black vest with a vintage air will complete the look, together with a large and capacious black and studded bag.
3. On the most elegant occasions
A floral dress can become a valid ally for a party with friends, a special ceremony or an elegant aperitif. It will be nice to combine the dress with a pair of colored shoes (perhaps that recalls the color of the flowers, not to appear a parrot) with a high heel, making the dress even more elegant thanks to a blazer with refined and elegant lines. We must not forget, then, to combine the dress with a nice minimal jewel. With romantic and chic details. If the flowers have a warm tone, prefer pink or yellow gold jewelry; on the contrary, if the flowers are cold in tone, prefer silver and white gold. No too showy stones or pearls. You can combine women pant with e flower top.
If you have any doubts about color combinations, here are some guidelines to best match the colors of the floral dress. A colorful and lively floral dress will be more graceful, if combined with neutral accessories, in shades of cream, beige, white and blush pink. Choose more colorful accessories only if the print is not excessive, and always prefer tone on tone for these, because in any case, the "protagonist" garment of the outfit.
Making the right combinations is not always easy and in particular if we have to combine a floral dress.

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