Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Will you have bridesmaids at your wedding and still don't know how to dress them?

Will you have bridesmaids at your wedding and still don't know how to dress them? Take note!

Copy the look of the bride and groom

If the pages and the little bridesmaids are children of the spouses or in any case belong to their family, a nice idea could be to try to reproduce the look of the spouses, always keeping in mind that obviously it is a question of being inspired, not of copying in reality meaning of the word, which would not be much indicated by their tender age. You could take a cue from some details of the outfits wedding rings, like the color of his men's formal suit, the bow tie and suspenders, a vest, a hat ... and of course the boutonnière.

For the bridesmaid it will be simple: the offer on the market of ball gown flower girl dresses for girls is very wide, from white to candy-colored ones. If the bride wears a dress with a prominent detail, such as a particular floral embroidery on the décolleté, a colored belt or a romantic tulle skirt, you can look for a dress of the same material or that in any case recalls that detail of the bride's dress.

 Carefree look for day wedding

If the wedding is held during the day and outdoors you can play on "informal" looks, which not only will be more appreciated by the little ones who first of all want and must be comfortable, but also provide outfits that, with simple dresses and nice details, are graceful and why not, also with the right touch of elegance.

You could play on pants or colored shirts for him and on short pastel-colored dresses and sandals for the bridesmaid ... The rest will be done by the details: have small boutonnière prepared for the pages and floral headbands for her based on the flower bouquet of the bride.
Evening or formal wedding looks

If, on the other hand, you get married in the afternoon and have organized an evening reception, or in any case in a particularly elegant and formal place where long formal dresses are required for the guests and a jacket and tie for the men, also for the outfits of the bridesmaids and page boys, it will be necessary to take care of especially the aspect of elegance,

For the pageboy's clothing you can opt for a three-piece tailored suit, equipped with a jacket, but only to be worn during a short time of the ceremony. It would not be fair to ask a child to stay hours and hours forced into a garment that is often uncomfortable even for an adult. Avoid rigid and shiny shoes and look for a model that is comfortable (sporty type) but with a classic touch. For little girls, long or short dresses, white in tulle, with bows or ribbons, will be perfect! For the hairstyle you can think of tying the hair, if they have long ones, in a beautiful braid, or adorn the head with a colored headband or side bow on loose hair. Don't forget to wear socks in ballet shoes.
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